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The American Mule Racing Association (AMRA) was formed to promote the racing of mules at recognized distances in the sport of racing.  We support this endeavor in cooperation with the California Authority of Racing to place two to four mules on the racetracks from May-October annually.  Typically, the fastest mules on the tracks are proven to be molly mules, though there are some rare exceptions.  A successful combination of jack and mare broke new ground in exceptionally fast speed indexes and was a combination of the now deceased, Sweetwater Sterling and the mare, Hold All Tickets, owned by Pauline Ferguson.  SWS Grand Finale, featured in our racing section, is the last of the Sweetwater Sterling racing legacy.  To learn more about the sport of racing, please visit The American Mule Racing Association web site at www.muleracing.org


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Señorita 6-Time World Champion Race Mule
Sire: Tesoro

Dam: Princess Sugar Dash

     Born in 2010, Senorita is a dapple grey molly bred by Roger Downy and owned by Gayle Stegmann and David Wood.

Señorita Registration

Señorita Pedigree

Señorita Captures World Sixth World Championship Article

SWS Grand Finale

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SWS Grand Finale  3-Year Old World Champion
Sire: Sterling Sweet Water

Dam: Gayles Golden Girl

SWS Grand Finale is the last of the babies out of Sweetwater Sterling. She is a 5-year old sorrel, 14.3 H Molly, with a phenomenal work ethic and friendly behavior.
She will be a great addition to our line up of mules on the trails and at the pattern racing events.

SWS Grand Finale Registration

SWS Grand Finale Pedigree

SWS Grand Finale captured the 3-Year Old World Championship