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What our customers are saying 

I have been searching for a high quality show mule for quite some time. When I found your website, I was immediately impressed by your outstanding broodmares. Charlotte is exquisite. Everything about your program and the mule foals that you are producing is phenomenal. I then discovered that the sire would be Genesis 1.0, who is from another exceptional program. With all of these amazing components, I believe that this foal will have beauty, strength, and wisdom. My dream mule. :)

         Darla Jackson, buyer,
         Mount Vernon, Ohio

I can’t thank the Stegmann family enough. I have known them the majority of my life and truly cherish their friendship. When I got the offer to buy a mule from their program, I immediately jumped on the opportunity without hesitation. I had no doubt they would exceed my highest expectations. These babies are breed with consideration to athletic ability, versatility, growth, and color! I have had only the best experience raising these babies, the Stegmann’s put in the time and work with all their babies to prepare them for their future. My last baby was not only halter broke, he ponied, bathed, was safe on the ground and with his feet, was a pro with clippers and loved being pampered. I honestly felt like I could saddle him up and ride off the day I got him home. I have been anxiously waiting for my next Gem State Mule to join our family in 2020!

Hunter Joppa
AQHA World Qualifier and Competitor
Owner, Montana Mohairs

In April of 2019 I purchased yearling mule, Gems Bling It On (Bling) from Gayle and Mike Stegmann, of Gem State Mule Company.  To say the experience was (and has been) a good one, is a dire understatement. From the first moment of initial contact with Gayle, she was honest, accurate and detailed  in her description of Bling. I was provided with ample photos, videos, and information to make the decision to take the trip to meet and purchase my first baby mule. During this process it  was obvious that a perfect home and human match for Bling was imperative to Gayle; as a buyer,  it was comforting to deal with a seller that I knew had the best interest of her mule in mind and her last concern was to be making a  quick "sale."  Enough about the process, lets talk about the mule!  Gayle's prior descriptions of Bling's physical build as well as disposition were dead on.  She was just as described, except for even better in person! I would venture to say it might have been love at first sight.  Not only was Bling correct, blemish free and well built just as described, she was gentle, had a solid ground work foundation, was good with her feet and easy to handle.   After seeing Bling in the flesh, as well as the other mules on the property  it was obvious that Gayle and Mike are dedicated to excellence within their program; the mules at Gem State Mule Company are walking proof of their attention to detail and careful consideration of genetics, conformation, athleticism, disposition and train-ability.  It was a  absolute pleasure meeting Gayle and Mike,  they went above and beyond to make sure Bling and I would be happy together in the future  and their kindness throughout the entire process absolutely blew me away.  Their passion for mules and commitment to quality within their animals makes Gem State Mule Company a true asset to the industry.  If you have the opportunity to purchase a mule from this exceptional team, TAKE IT! I promise you won't regret it.

Stephanie Barnette and Bling
Skogen-Barnette Horses & Barnette Horsemanship


As clients of Gem State Mule Co. we've had the opportunity to spend time on the ranch and observe the high level of attention that goes into their program. My husband and I followed the early days of Palmer's life via social media and saw the consistent care and handling he was receiving. We weren't shopping for another mule, but when we returned later that spring and saw how he'd blossomed, we knew that he was special. Ultimately, Gayle helped me prepare him (and myself) for the big stage at Bishop Mule Days. As a novice showman, I was initially nervous about entering a yearling from wintery north Idaho into one of the largest mule shows in the country. Gayle was a trusted advisor and helped me prepare for a successful outcome. Palmer was a show stopper and behaved beautifully, we could've sold him ten times over that week. Overall, this experience helped lay the foundation for a trusting partnership for years to come.

Alan and Jesika Harper


Thank you so much for allowing us to come visit Eva. You and your staff are doing such a good job with the babies. I am going to have a little mule that has been given such a good start in life. You truly act as though you care about each of them and them reaching their potential.

      Mark Mattox
      Pasco, WA 

Gayle, no one in this world is even close to being on your level of quality. Your program is smart, cutting edge and will lead the industry forward. To be a part of what you are doing is everything.

     Candice Shauger, Owner,  Genesis Farms
     Bremen, OH