Foundation Stock

Each one of our mares is thoroughly evaluated, interviewed and strategically picked prior to purchase.  Our selection is made with purpose and intent with our ultimate goal of producing ALL AROUND, conformationally correct, intellectually gifted, talented babies that will excel on the trail, in ranch/cattle work and the performance ring.  We gave much thought into purchasing our own Jack, but decided we wanted to hand pick our jack based on the desired offspring and not get pigeon holed in to using the same Jack year in and year out.  We AI our mares and only produce one to two quality babies annually.  Just as improvements are being made in the quality of mules in today’s markets, that too, is taking place in the Jack-stock world and we want to be in a position to bring the best combination of mare and jack in resulting offspring.  We pride ourselves on prospecting the right client for the talents and skills that each baby was not only bred for, but has exemplified early on in their training.


“A great mule will change your life. The truly special ones define it”.

Nu Boox To Cook (Maria)


 Nu Boox to Cook (Maria)
2020 Buckskin Mare with Chrome

Sire:  HF Mobster (Joey)
Dam:  Chex N Roses 

💰💰💰 HF Mobster 💰💰💰
Cheers to being a Million Dollar Sire
“Congratulations to owner, Andy Fishburn, on this huge accomplishment!  He was one of the best show horses with such a kind disposition!  Cheers to the next million!”

We are beyond excited to introduce another top-quality mare into our breeding program!

This amazing mare has a phenomenal pedigree and yes, you can ride the papers! I know this firsthand! On the top side, her sire, HF Mobster, was a member of the World Equestrian Team,  National Reining Horse Association, Open Derby Champion and has earned over $117,000 in the show ring and has progeny producing in excess of $500,000. Nu Boox has Colonels Smoking Gun (NRHA Hall of Fame) and multiple Open and Non-Pro Championships - Breyer Horse USET Special Edition model), Colonelfourfreckle, and Hollywood Dun It (6 million NRHA progeny earnings) on her papers! She is stacked on the bottom too with Nu Chex to Cash, who’s offspring include Wimpy’s Little Step, Big Chex to Cash & Lil Joe Cash. NuChex to Cash has sired progeny in excess of 3 million! NuChex to Cash also has a Breyer Statue made of him. Nu Boox has two sires on her papers that are in the NRHA Hall of Fame! This mare is loaded with reining and cow horse talent! She also has the W-20 gene on her color panel so that means she has a white booster ability/chrome. She is the best-bred mare in our program and will be a maiden mare in 2024! Reserve your baby now!

Nu Boox To Cook (Maria) Registration

Bella Luna CF (Satin)

BellaLuna CHR
BellaLuna CHR 4953-edit
BellaLuna CHR
BellaLuna CHR

 Bella Luna CF (Satin)
Sire:  Kinda Dinkin Around
Dam:  Chocolottie

Bella Luna CF (Satin) is a 2005 AQHA and AQFA registered Perlino Foundation Quarter Horse mare.  She brings the best of her
Foundation quarter horse genetics with cow-breeding on her sire's side (Poco Bueno) and Performance and Confirmation on her dam’s side. 
We tapped into these deep genetics early on in our program, breeding her to Frenchman’s Biankus to produce a barrel racing prospect, Frenchman’s Laissefair (Elvis). Satin ALWAYS gives us FANCY babies with dorsal stripes, leg barring and line backs.

Bella Luna CF (Satin) Registration

You Bet Shez Stylish (Rylea)

Rylea1 CH1
Rylea2 CH1
Rylea3 CH1

 You Bet Shez Stylish (Rylea)
Sire:  The Creme of the Crop
Dam:  Sheza Coolest Coed

You Bet Shez Stylish (Rylea) is a 15.2 hand AQHA Cremello mare. 
She exhibits much of her sire’s athleticism.  She was doing flying lead changes at a very early stage in her training as a young horse and moves with much grace and ease over the ground. 
Her sire has produced champions in multiple disciplines including reining, cattle work and performance. 
She is conformationally correct and as a mature mare,  looks ‘fitted’ to slay a halter class at any given time throughout the year.  

You Bet Shez Stylish (Rylea) Registration