Gem’s Walking by Faith Photo Gallery

Bella Luna CF (Satin) x Arc'o Really Dun It (Artie) = Gem's Walking by Faith

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Gem’s Walking by Faith

Gem’s Walking by Faith (Faith), was just what her new owned, Darla Fletcher, Cocolalla, Idaho wished for.  A stunning Dun molly with fancy leg barring, dorsal stripe, and a beautiful dished head. Her cow-bred, Foundation Quarter horse dam, put her stamp on Faith as she is very compliant, flexible, and accommodating.  She has been a pleasure to work with, accepting all the paces we put our babies through in our unique training program, including clippers, backing out of the trailer, farrier and vet work, ponying and the like.  Darla plans to have her trained under saddle as well as to pull a cart. It was a ‘Match made in Heaven’ as Faith already has bonded with Darla and together, they will be a beautiful team.

Gem's Walking by Faith Photo Gallery

You Bet Shez Stylish (Rylea) x Colonel’s High Definition = Gem's Bishop in Gold

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Gem’s Bishop in Gold

Gem’s Bishop in Gold  (Bishop) has superior confirmation…possibly the most conformationally correct baby we have produced from our breeding program thus far.  With his exceptional bone structure, hip to butt coordinates, and straight head, he is an eye catching Palomino John mule.   He has much of his dam’s genetics in him, with his stocky build and athleticism.  He is agile, quick and extends at the lope.  New owners and experienced mule owners, Jeff and Morgan Bruce, Desmet, Idaho are elated to have their first ‘show mule prospect’ in their equine mix.

Gem's Bishop in Gold Photo Gallery